Adrianna Neefus

English/American Sign Language Interpretation

Adrianna (or Adri) is an English/American Sign Language interpreter from Massachusetts. She graduated from the four year interpreter training program at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester with a Bachelors of Science in Sign Language Interpretation. She is Massachusetts State Screened and is currently pursuing her National Certification. She is a freelance interpreter for the Greater Boston Area and North Shore, administrative assistant and programs coordinator for Gallaudet University Regional Center East, and a former paraprofessional and part time interpreter at the Beverly School for the Deaf. She holds an additional degree in Studio Art and minor in General Theater from the University of New Hampshire in Durham. She works extensively in Performing Arts Interpretation and educational settings.

People have said of her

“Adrianna’s best qualities are in her attitude. She always strives to do her best. She’s open to feedback, she’s pleasant and positive.”

"Without a doubt, Adrianna’s strongest point was her process time. She took her time to find meaning and interpret correctly while still catching the information coming next. Adri was always open to feedback and discussion about her work. It was a pleasure to work with Adri. She is fun to be with and has the necessary respect for interpreting to become a great member of the field."